Eagles build their nests high up on a cliff or in a tree. The nest can be huge, weighing as much as two tons, and spreading as big as twenty feet long and nine feet wide.  When the foundation of the nest is done, the female stops gathering the materials and stays home, putting the finishing touches on the nest. The male keeps bringing home vines, leaves, and fur from its prey. The nest completed, the female then lays one to two eggs and plucks many feathers from her body to pad the nest for the eaglets. While she is busy keeping the eggs warm, the male goes out and finds food to bring home to her.  A devoted "father", the male eagle brings "toys" home for the baby eaglets. Tennis balls, cans, and even old shoes may be seen in many nests.  When the nest becomes too cluttered, the female simply tosses out some of the items.  When it’s time for the eaglets to leave the nest, all the toys and the feathers put there for padding are removed. Suddenly, the nest becomes uncomfortable as the birds sit on only branches and twigs. When it’s time to learn how to fly, the female picks an eaglet up in her mouth. She carries it high up into the air and then drops it. Then she catches the baby before it hits the ground. She repeats this process several times until the eaglet understands and starts to fly on its own.
Sometimes we get pushed out of our nests. Sometimes we become so comfortable in our environment that we want to stay there forever. Yet the Lord gently removes us from our comfort zone and teaches us to fly on His wings of love and protection.
The view from the nest can look scary and full of many dangers. But once we let go and learn to fly we will never want to return.
Once we’ve tasted being alive, we can’t go back to being dead. Aliveness in God is addictive.   [Nancy Groom] 

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