Is your information secure from hackers? Does your computer have spyware or malware in it that allow your private information and passwords to be stolen? Does your computer have Trojans [Viruses] on it? Do you know who all is accessing your information? Never run a computer on the Internet without Anti-Virus protection. Never download the program–“Personal Anti-Virus”–it is a rogue program and attaches spyware and malware and trojans to your computer to compromise your security.
Be careful what so called “free” programs and pretty things that you download on your computer. For example, “Webfetti”—it attaches spyware and malware to your computer. McAfee Anti-Virus did NOT catch the spyware and malware that were downloaded to a laptop. Spybot is the program that caught the spyware and removed it, and it is free.


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