Hello World!

I am entering the world of blogging. My husband told me that he didn't even know what a blog is. I told him that it's just a journal or writing by people to let others know whats up, how your doing, and who you are. This blog I'm dedicating to my new business in Information Systems Security. I am a native Houstonian and Texas. I graduated from ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, Webster, Texas in March 2009. Continuing on with my BS degree program September 9, 2009.
I love working with and on computers, and have been taking them apart and repairing them since 1994. I hate cheaters and liars, so I chose to go into Information Systems Security, so that I will be able to learn how to secure businesses information. I know that there is NO 100% way to prevent hackers and spam. Whoever invents the solution to that one will be a billionare.
I am a former employee of TDCJ-ID Central unit for 5 years as a Treatment Specialist II.  Also, former employee of Galena Park ISD as a Substitute Teacher.
I have a wide range of skills for my profession. I have been in the Real Estate, Corrections, and Education fields.


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