Sally Frederick Tudor

I am the Information Assurance Manager (IAM) for the AZI, Inc. I am responsible for ensuring information security in the organization. We must adhere to STIGs regulations and guidelines. STIGs have configuration guidelines, application developer guidelines, and certification and accreditation guidelines. It is a checklist of Best Practices, Department of Defense (DoD) security policies and regulations for information systems administrators to use. STIGs have checklists that may be used, list of best practices, DoD security policies and regulations.

Configuration Guidelines address security issues such as:

  1. Intrusion Avoidance and Detection
  2. Response and Recovery
  3. Security Policy Implementation
  4. Certification and Accreditation
  5. Compliance and Self Assessment
  6. New Application Development


  1. Exist for many systems and applications
  2. Are useful for security implementation and application development and certification and accreditation
  3. Can be accessed on the DISA IA website:
  4. Includes Best Practices
  5. Requires feedback from the user community

The IAMs Responsibilities are:

  1. Configure audit logging tools, such as the Event Viewer, to adhere to (MAC) Mission Assurance Category requirements
  2. Review audit logs at least once weekly
  3. Report abnormal activity revealed by audit logs

The (IAM) Information Assurance Manager does the auditing review and examination of records and activities to access the adequacy of system controls, to ensure compliance with established policies and operational procedures, and to make necessary changes to controls, policies, and procedures. Auditing detects when someone attempts to gain unauthorized access, or uses the network inappropriately and traces those activities to a specific individual or process. Attempts to access the network are called events, and may be viewed in the "Even Viewer". An event could be a log on, log off, attempt to access file, change in password, change in access privileges, or any action that affects the confidentiality, availability, or integrity (CIA) of data processed on that system. Auditing Software will automatically record all events on a system, and produce a chronological list of events, called an Audit log. Information Assurance, or IA, personnel can review the audit log and note any abnormal activity on the network. The (DoD) Department of Defense establishes minimum requirements for auditing in the DoDI 8500.2.


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