My Philosophy

My Philosophy
I am a proud American, and Patriot and Texan! I am not racist! My ancestors were German, Norwegian, Czech-Moravian, Luxembourgian, and French. My ancestors came to this Country and fought for America, and Pledged Allegiance to our Country. They have come to America LEGALLY, and worked to do whatever they had to in order to become an American and take care of their families.

I love God, Country, Family, and Friends. I do NOT believe that anyone has the right to tell anyone else how to think, feel, or live. I do believe in equality for ALL. LIVE AND LET LIVE.

I do NOT believe that God wants hard-working, legal Americans to be the caretakers of the rest of the world. I do firmly believe in Enforcing our Laws, Securing our borders from ALL threats to America’s safety. I believe in standing up for what is right and good. I believe in taking care of America first. I do NOT believe that Illegal Aliens should be able to DRAIN the system, yet NOT pay into the system!

I believe in the old fashioned philosophy of my ancestors–IF YOU DON’T WORK–YOU DON’T EAT! My ancestors have served and died protecting our Country, so that we could enjoy a life with the Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion. I do not believe that the world owes me anything. I love the Eagle’s song–Get Over It! It says how I feel. I AM RESPONSIBLE. I am responsible for me and my family. You are responsible for you and your family. It is NOT the rest of the world’s duty to support you, feed you, or ENABLE you.

I do not believe that Hate, and Prejudice is God’s will. I do believe that God wants us to have morals, and standards = Principles, that we should live by.

I do believe in Capitalism NOT Socialism or Communism! I do believe that all of us have to stand together to take back control of our Constitution and our Country from the Socialists = Democrats– that believe that it is OK to sit back and expect others to take care of them.

I WILL BE VOTING MY CONSCIENCE IN NOVEMBER! I will be voting for a Christian President! Obama is NOT a Christian!

I pray that God helps us keep America a Christian nation that allows other religions; but doesn’t allow our faith to be ridiculed or removed!! JESUS is the only way! LORD, help us resist the Evil that is within our beloved Country!

I believe that AMERICA is the best place in the world to live–because if it weren’t then there wouldn’t be millions of people trying to come here for our way of life!


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