AVG found Webtrends tracking cookie

I have had people ask questions like, “Why do you worry about a cookie? A cookie is not dangerous for your system?” Well, I disagree.
Some cookies are useful, even essential on certain sites. Tracking cookies are not, in my opinion; they are associated with adware and spyware. Tracking cookies are installed without my consent. I consider them a violation of my privacy and I don’t want them on my machine.

For an explanation of cookies go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie

Most browsers including IE provide users the option of handling cookies in some way. Also, most Anti-Spyware applications incorporate cookies in their scan and detection options. My AVG logs show that it had detected quite a few tracking cookies that I have picked up in the course of routine web surfing.

But I think that if the webtrends cookie was legitimate and harmless, why would they stash it in a hidden system folder that I knew nothing about and where it was virtually undetectable, when normally it would have gone in the regular Cookies folder? Clearly they were trying to hide it from detection. Is that something a reputable company would do? I don’t think so!

Again my solution for these security breaches on my system–is to keep my software updated and running– to try and prevent as much intrusion into my system as possible–in order to keep my computer running as safely as possible. I believe that it is better to be safe–than sorry!

I love the Free program–Ghostery–that prevents the tracking cookies from being installed on your computer at all.


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