Casalemedia is a tracking cookie!

Casale Media is a Canadian online advertising network, headquartered in Toronto,[1] which specializes in site representation[2] via banner, rectangle, tower, hover, and pop up ads.[3] Casale Media uses anonymous cookie files to control ad delivery factors including frequency (the number of times an advertisement is shown to a user over time) and to make adjustments to their campaigns. [4] Casale Media cookies may be tagged as adware or spyware by spyware detectors.[5]
Media Metrix reports that Casale Media’s ads reach 109,865,000 web users.[6]

Adware.widget is also a tracking cookie.

If you don’t want advertisers to track your web activity or steal your private information, then block third party cookies in your Internet Options. And update and then run Anti-virus, a good Free one is AVG, Anti-Spyware/Malware/Adware programs. One that is Free and excellent is MalwareBytes. You can either use the or websites for other good Free downloads.


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