We lead Web-based, digital lives


The Internet has become pervasive; we are online at home, school, work, and play. In addition to the traditional laptop or desktop computer, we now have many more gateways to the Internet. Mobile devices of all shapes and sizes connect us to increasingly complex and useful tools almost everywhere and at anytime.

Even when we are not directly connected, the Internet supports our everyday lives through our financial transactions, transportation systems, power grids, emergency response systems and a constant flow of communication, to name a few. This reliance will only increase as digital technology becomes further entwined with how we live.

If we are to achieve the potential of a digital society for robust and widely available content, community, communication, commerce, and connectivity we must protect the resource that makes it possible.

Ultimately, our cyber infrastructure is only as strong as the weakest link. No individual, business, or government entity is solely responsible for securing the Internet.  Everyone has a role to secure their part of cyberspace, including the computers, devices and networks they use. We all need to understand how our individual actions have a collective impact on cybersecurity and protecting the Internet.

Cyber security requires vigilance 365 days per year. 



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