Our Southern Heritage


The Southern Flag is about Heritage Not Hate!

My Frederick ancestors fought in Louisiana, my husband’s McCann and Mobley ancestors fought in Arkansas, my Dad’s ancestors fought in Alabama, and my husband’s Tudor ancestors fought in Tippah County, Mississippi, and Tennessee, his Craig ancestors fought in Virginia, and his Hancock ancestors fought in Texas.
If you don’t like our flag that is fine, but you have no right to try and stop me from flying it or honoring my heritage. This is the land of the free because of the brave.
You have the freedom to fly your own flag, just don’t expect others to allow you to control them or dictate to them what they can or cannot do.
You don’t like guns fine, then don’t buy one, but don’t try to control whether we buy one or not! This is still America! For today anyway. We must fight to keep the right to honor our southern heritage, as well as our northern heritage.

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