Everyday more and more people are going mobile. The days of the heavy, and bulky desktops and all the cords are being left behind for the newer more convenient modes of communication, the iPads, mobile phones, laptops, etc. There have been several breaches in security with the iPads already. 

The hackers are becoming more cunning everyday, and constantly looking for new ways to hack into your business’ personal data and databases. 

The IT Security Consultant needs to be keep up-to-date with all the newest breaches, and methods for preventing these, also the newest hacking software, that the hackers are using. 

There are so many ways that your systems may be attacked. All business are at risk for having their systems compromised or data stolen. Businesses are susceptible to being shut down with Denial of Service attacks, Passwords stolen, corruption of data, theft of data, and loss of reputation or loss of business entirely.

Never run anything over the Internet without Anti-virus, Anti-malware, Anti-spyware software installed, kept up-to-date, and scanned daily. Thousands of new methods are invented everyday to gain access to your information.

I service the Houston/Galveston, Texas area. I specialize in Desktop Security Analysis for Small Businesses. I may be contacted by email for appointment or estimates:  studor@email.itt-tech.edu


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