YC-Backed Plivo Launches Its Scalable API Platform For Voice & SMS Apps


Plivo, a telephony startup from the current Y Combinator batch, is today launching its API platform for voice and SMS applications. Despite the sound of it, Plivo is not a direct competitor with developer-friendly Twilio, but is targeting larger businesses in need of scale.

The company’s founders, Venkatesh B and Michael Ricordeau (who go by Venky and Mike), met over GitHub two years ago, while each were working on their own telephony applications. Venky has seven years of telecom experience and Mike has ten, so they’re both deeply familiar with both the challenges and the opportunities of working in this space. In an effort to “scratch their own itch,” as they say, the two began collaborating on what would become Plivo.

“Being from telephony, we always understood this space is not about buying minutes from carriers, marking it up and reselling that,” says Venky. “You can do that for…

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