How to Remove Win 8 Security System. Which is a Rogue=Fake Antivirus

Most antivirus programs fail to detect rogue Anti-Viruses, which are trojans that attach to your computer. They lock your system up so that you cannot use it, and steal your personal information. They are cyber thieves.

Win 8 Security System is a rogue = fake antivirus program that reports non-existent computer infections and tries to scare people into paying for completely useless antivirus solution. This rogue antivirus program works on different versions of Windows.

The rogue antivirus pretends to scan the computer for malicious software. It deceives the user by reporting that there are trojans and malware on their system. They use fear to con the user into purchasing their program to remove supposedly detected malware infections on their computer. The victim is enticed into purchasing a useless program that costs almost 100 dollars. It is configured so that it runs automatically when Windows starts. But that’s not the biggest problem. Win 8 Security System has a rather complex self-protection mechanism. It drops a rootkit on infected machine which monitors PC activity and blocks pretty much all attempts to terminate the rogue program or run legitimate antivirus software. This scareware doesn’t block Task Manager or Registry editor but that changes nothing. You can’t just simply end the offending process and delete associated files. Any attempt to end its process will trigger the following error message. The operation could not be completed. Access denied.

The file is locked and protected by the rootkit known as Rootkit.Win32.Necurs.gen. Also, the cyber thieves made a different rootkit which works on 64-bit systems. It even has a valid certificate.

When running, Win 8 Security System displays fake security alerts and pop-ups, claiming that your computer is infected with spyware and Trojans that can steal your sensitive information. Simply ignore those fake alerts. The rogue program displays a fake Security Center window claiming that your computer is not protected and encouraging you to purchase the full version of Win 8 Security System to protect your computer from malware attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities. For Windows Seven and Windows 8 the rogue program displays a fake Action Center window.

The scareware displays fake Win 8 Security System ALERT in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. The fake web browser security alerts claims that the website you’re about to visit is infected with malware and spyware.

The following is a screenshot of Win 8 Security System payment page. DO NOT pay for the bogus security program.This is a scam to get your money. They could also use your information for identity theft purposes.

The following is a video that shows you how to remove this rogue antivirus from your computer:


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