Never Run Your System On The Internet Without Anti-virus And Anti-malware Protection

I just cannot believe how many people run their computers on the internet with NO protection. That is the worst thing that you could do to put your system at risk, that and NOT keeping them updated and scanned regularly.

The newest virus I have found on my client’s computer is the IDP.Trojan. It will block you from updating your security software. She had CA on her computer, but it was NOT updated or active. So, in essence she was running it with NO protection whatsoever. She works for a school district. Enough said? This breach of security puts the whole networks of computers and files at risk. A big “No, No!”

Bank records, school records, emails, etc… All at risk.

I highly recommend the website, because it is safe. You can go to their download link:;1

I also recommend that you install the Advanced System Care 5, which is Free from website:;1

Be sure and choose the one that says Free version, because of course, they will try to sell you the full version.

Anyone who doesn’t want to or has trouble with your computer, that is my business. I repair, clean up, secure, and remove software for you. I work cheap. I have many references. I am an honest professional with integrity.


IDP.Trojan is a generic detection used to identify malware that can steal sensitive data. It is capable of monitoring network traffic and steals user’s account. Variants of IDP.Trojan may also prevent victim’s access to security web sites and disable access to system programs. On some instances, this threat will redirect Internet traffic to predefined sites that hosts another type of malware.

Upon execution, IDP.Trojan will drop its file component using random file names. Location and folders will depend on the variants. However, common folders used by the threat are System and Temp folder of Windows. Similar to other threats, IDP.Trojan performs registry modification to register itself on the infected system and disguise as legal process. This method also allows the threat to load on each time user starts Windows.

When IDP.Trojan is running on the system, it will capture segments of data are transmitted over an affected network. Variants of this Trojan carry out unique payload, though its common task is to monitor network traffic and gather sensitive data including online account, FTP credentials, and banking information. To prevent own removal, IDP.Trojan prevents the infected computer from accessing web sites that can provide an update to installed security program.

It then stores the harvest data into a text file it created under Windows system folder. Based on a given schedule, the data is sent to a remote attacker using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Type Trojan
Sub-Type Network-Aware
OS Affected Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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