Android Malware can now steal 3D Model Of Your Location

Hacking Tricks & Security Tips

It’s a fact that as smartphones get more capable, the possibilities for their misuse also increase. They’re already exploited by crooks to swipe personal information, but a new Android app created by the U.S. Navy is on another level entirely. It’s a scary piece of malware called “PlaceRaider” that was developed by the US Naval Surface Warfare center and for now it is being viewed as just a proof of concept.

According to the MIT Technology Review, researchers at Indiana University and the Naval Surface Warfare Center have developed a new form of malware designed to record and reconstruct a victim’s environment.

They has just worked out how to infect a mobile phone with a Trojan that can take photos without you knowing anything about it and send sensor data back to a server. The data are used to construct a 3D model which can be used not only to…

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