Software Reveals Opportunistic Keywords

Software Reveals Opportunistic Keywords by Amberly Dressler Posted on 10.02.2012 The most powerful methodology for any retailer is actively listening to what their customers want and working to meet their needs. In SEO it’s pretty much the same. Web workers want to listen to the keywords and phrases that consumers use when searching online for goods and services and make actions accordingly. Rio SEO thinks its new software automation tool can help. The company unveiled an advanced software automation product designed to help corporate marketers and search practitioners discover the most opportunistic keywords. It also provides insights into what website landing pages are likely to have the strongest impact on visiting consumers – or be in need of content changes and/or complete overhauls. “This tool gives marketers visibility into the true voice of the customer,” said Pete Dudchenko, senior director for product management at Rio SEO. “It’s a powerful decision-making and workflow management resource that clearly shows what people are saying across the competitive landscape, in various social media conversations, and through traditional search marketing data sources. Savvy marketers can leverage this insight to create and implement high-return, search engine optimization strategies.” Dudchenko said that the metrics are one of the key outputs of a straight-forward workflow process where users are guided quickly and easily through the system. “We’ve re-invented keyword discovery to bring SEO marketers to a new level where the process is automated through a series of workflow best practice tactics,” Dudchenko added. “This tool taps into a huge set of suggested keywords, including those from social data.” Additionally, this tool supports a multitude of languages and can be integrated into the Rio SEO Search Analytics solution, which will allow marketers to correlate their keywords with their Web pages, plus upload them for ongoing analysis and actionable recommendations.


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