Meet PureData, IBM's New Big Box For Big Data


Two worlds exist when it comes to the enterprise. The new generation of cloud services represents one space. They rely on distributed infrastructures on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the rest of the vendors in that world. They don’t buy hardware until it makes sense to move off a cloud service and into their own data center. By that time, they have such high workloads that it makes more sense to develop an infrastructure of their own.

And then come the big giants that build their own hardware for big enterprise clients. IBM falls into this category. Today, the company introduced its latest massive system for data analysis. It’s called PureData System, and it represents the third big box in the IBM PureSystems family. PureFlex and PureApplication System were introduced last spring.

Here’s the scenario that customers face. For the past 30 years companies have operated their own data centers…

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