Free Software Leader Richard Stallman: Amazon Search Integration In Ubuntu Amounts To Spyware


Free software leader Richard Stallmanclaims Ubuntu amounts to spyware with Amazon search integrated into the “dash” of its Unity interface. He is calling for developers to shun the open-source operating system.

Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu. Stallman says the advertising search results amount to surveillance and argues that personal data is on Canonical’s servers. While Canonical does not send the data back to Amazon, the fact that the data resides on Canonical’s systems is enough for Stallman.


Stallman, who has huge influence as the leader of the Free Software Foundation, said this in a blog post today:

Ubuntu, a widely used and influential GNU/Linux distribution, has installed surveillance code. When the user searches her own local files for a string using the Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu sends that string to one of Canonical’s servers. (Canonical is the company that develops Ubuntu.)

stallmanAt his most impassioned, he calls for users…

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