Employment Nightmare for Legal Americans!! Affirmative Action is Discrimination


Of course, they would never admit it, for fear of being sued. But…don’t kid yourself…there is “age discrimination” and there is “race discrimination”…but not how you think. With affirmative action…all races EXCEPT for whites receive preferential treatment. Blacks, Spanish, and all other races are hired first.

Illegals and Foreigners are hired because the companies want a tax write off for hiring them. Affirmative Action should be ILLEGAL! It rewards the companies for NOT hiring Legal Americans.

Affirmative Action makes you hire people for their Color instead of their Character…and that is just IGNORANT…that is how our government ended up with such ignorant employees…that cannot be fired…even if they are lousy at their jobs!

And…that is exactly how we got the Disgraceful, Illegal, Marxist, Muslim Usurper that we have in our W.H.!! It ENRAGES me to hear that the University of Texas will continue to be allowed to use Affirmative Action!! So, the less qualified people with lower grades will be admitted JUST because of their “race”…and that is WRONG!

Arguments against Affirmative Action

The arguments against affirmative action begin with the idea that this practice is reverse discrimination – that it violates equal protection under the law, and that discriminating against the majority is just as bad as discriminating against the minority. Those against it argue that colleges are violating the principle of merit by engaging in affirmative action. Students aren’t always accepted on the basis of who is best qualified for the spot or position. They wonder if it s fair to accept students who are not up to the regular standards of the institution.

They argue that affirmative action benefits students who have not suffered from discrimination, burdening those who have not partaken in discrimination themselves. An institution also does not adjust the size and kind of compensation towards those who have suffered discrimination based on each individual. Many attacks against affirmative action are by unhappy students who had the grades and qualities of a student who should have been accepted but was blocked out by a minority member with lower grades.

Affirmative Action = Unequal protection

In a 2007 opinion Justice Roberts wrote: “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

Thomas Sowell, an economist, points out that black education levels began rising, and poverty levels falling, as blacks started to move out of the South in the 1940s and 1950s. And even if Mr Bowen and Mr Bok are correct, and affirmative action did greatly benefit blacks in the first couple of generations after segregation, it does not follow that it should remain in place today, when most blacks at university are from middle- or upper-class families and many are recent immigrants never touched by pre-1960s discrimination. 

During oral arguments Sonia Sotomayor, a justice who has acknowledged that she benefited from affirmative action in her early career, said that the UT-Austin’s programme “sounds awfully like a quota to me”.

Such diversity programmes tend to benefit black and Hispanic applicants; unfortunately, they tend to penalize both whites and Asians.

source: The Economist, August 27, 2013

I think that the companies should be PENALIZED for hiring Illegals and Foreigners instead of Legal Americans who are out of work because of the Terrorist Usurper in our W.H. and all of his “job killing” policies and regulations. It serves to make me hate him even more!

You are really screwed if you are female, over fifty, and white! No one will convince me that it does not make a difference.  It does! It should not sway the decision to admit someone in college or in the hiring process. 


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