Backdoor Gov’t Encryption: Is it about Criminals or about you?

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Mr. A (HCS’ Resident Cyber-Gandalf)

A lot of citizens would immediately think they should so that the government could better catch criminals and terrorist. After all, wouldn’t all of us want terrorist stopped and criminals caught? Of course we would. Does backdoor encryption access accomplish this, or is there something else at work?

Here’s the thing:

Smart terrorist and smart organized criminal groups will avoid potentially compromised systems. That means proposals like this oneHERE are utterly stupid, and only about surveillance on you the innocent citizen.

So what is being proposed? This, essentially, is packaged as a ‘fair balance’ between privacy and government access to data. With a a biometric backdoor, the government could only access your data with a warrant that required you to use your biometric entry to access the data and decrypt it.

Sounds fair right?

Problem #1:  Biometrics are not the gold standard in access…

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