DriverUpdate Is A SCAM!


DriverUpdate is a bogus = FAKE utility program that intentionally displays fake pop-up alerts and messages on victims computer. This software can sneak into computer through the Trojan that can be acquired when victims fake scanner from This rogue program will disguise to scan the computer and alerts users of possible infected files. It will only allow downloads of updated driver when you purchase the DriverUpdate serial or registration key. Besides the fact, that the hackers could steal your identity, or steal your information, and charge your credit card and still not clean up your system. If this malicious application is spotted on your PC, REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY.

When DriverUpdate exists on the computer, it will display a barrage of FAKE alerts stating that computer is in danger, outdated program, or security is breached. These alerts will only try to convince victims to purchase DriverUpdate. It blocks program from running and state that they are infected by means of pop-up alerts. Another trick is to redirect Internet browser to a page “error” page that also contains warning and advise users to get the paid version of DriverUpdate.

Overall, DriverUpdate was developed to make computer believe that computer is infected and this program is necessary. In real computer security world, DriverUpdate is the only virus that resides on the system trying to act as a legitimate tool in an attempt to scam computer users and earn a profit from this illegal activities. Remove DriverUpdate as soon as it is observed on the computer! It is a SCAM!