Female Entrepreneurs Want To Inspire Young Girls With Miss Possible


I think it is an excellent idea! Growing up in the sixties, girls had very few choices for careers. 

We were expected to be mothers, teachers, or nurses. 

We were never encouraged to be interested in or to apply ourselves to math or science.  

We were told that girls were not good in math and science, and all that they had to do is to get married and become a Homemaker. 

And…we positively were never encouraged to be doctors or lawyers or entrepreneurs.

Today, little girls need to know that they can be whatever they want to be, if they do the “footwork”. No one is going to give you anything that you are not willing to work for. 


Looking around their engineering classes at the University of Illinois, Supriya Hobbs and Janna Eaves noticed something was missing — other girls.

And so like good engineers, they set out to solve that problem. The recent graduate and college senior invented Miss Possible, a doll and accompanying app aiming to spark an interest in math and science among young girls.

The Miss Possible dolls are based on real women who have been trailblazers in the fields of math and science. The first Miss Possible will be Marie Curie, the famed chemist and physicist who remains the only person to win the Nobel Prize in multiple science fields. In the app that will accompany the Miss Possible doll, girls can learn about the famous woman’s story, do hands-on activities with materials found around the house or play in-app games.

Miss Possible: Dolls to Inspire Girls Across Generations from Supriya Hobbs

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