Forget TOR use RIFFLE – A Better TOR Alternative To Protect Privacy:

Tor : A open source Browser Which will provide you most security ,hide in web , become anonymous but it is out when FBI crack the TOR to catch black hat hackers,but Don,t Worry RIFFLE will the solution of  our anonymity.


What is Riffle?

RIFFLE is a new anonymity network developed by Researchers at MIT and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. According to the researchers, Riffle addresses and solves some of the TOR’s flaws and offer better security,privacy, and speed.

How Fiffle Work?

According to the developers, the heart of the RIFFLE system is a series of servers called a Mixnet. It is a setup that passes each user’s traffic through a chain of proxy servers. Each server permutes the order in which it receives messages before passing them on to the next. Since these messages are sent in random order,it makes any attempts of tracing difficult.


RIFFLE also…

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